Spiritual Releasement

Spiritual Releasement

  • attaining a super-conscious
  • deeper awareness and understanding
  • transition from the Body into Spirit
  • 2 Hour Session

R 650.00

Have you already experienced a past life regression but want to try something deeper then try Spirit Releasement.

Ghosts are the spirits of people who have died, and for some reason haven’t passed over into the spirit realms. They have remained earthbound and in some cases, may even be unaware of their own death.

Spirits may remain in a place familiar to them or where they died. Alternatively, they can be attracted to people and feed off their energy to support themselves. A powerful spirit could soon drain its host of all energy, making them feel tired and unwell, unaware of the real reason for their illness.

The presence of a ghost/entity may be identified by certain symptoms:

  • Change in a person’s behaviour or mood
  • Thoughts that don’t feel like your own
  • Energies that you feel don’t belong to you
  • Sudden change in temperature/atmosphere in a room
  • The feeling of being watched
  • Child or animal’s dislike of a certain room
  • Disturbed sleep, waking up feeling tired
  • Light bulbs blow frequently, lights flashing on and off, or electrical equipment malfunctions
  • Objects that move on their own or go missing, or go bump in the night
  • Unusual smells in a room

Spirit Release will help the spirit to move on. Spirit Release or soul rescue is the releasing of these spirits or negative energies that have become attached to a person.

I work intuitively, using healing and love energies, I help the spirit to transcend into the light to the spirit world, with the aid of higher angelic beings.

Negative energies are removed in a

similar manner, with the person given healing and protection afterwards.

Usually, only one session is enough but occasionally more may be needed.

For further information or to book a session please use the contact page.