Ultra-Height Hypnosis

Ultra-Height Hypnosis Session

  • attaining a super-conscious
  • deeper awareness and understanding
  • transition from the Body into Spirit
  • 2 Hour Session

R 650.00

Ultra-Height hypnosis is a revolutionary method of hypnosis.

The Ultra-Height level, and how to access it, was discovered by Master Hypnotist Gerald Kein in 1986.

The practical applications of this phenomenal method are still being discovered!

While in the Ultra-Height state the client has complete access to their own INNER HEALER and SUPER-CONSCIOUS MIND, that are normally unavailable during waking consciousness.

While in the Ultra-Height state, clients are able to comprehend the original “root cause” of their illness, “dis-ease” and then receive vital knowledge and transformational healing energies directly from their Inner

Healer and Super-conscious Mind.

The effects on clients are profound and life-changing.

Ultra-Height is a very powerful method for clients to accelerate their healing process. It involves first guiding a client as deep as possible into hypnosis.

Then the hypnotist guides and directs the body to continue to relax deeper, as he or she guides the client’s mind to rise higher.

The client’s mind is directed to rise well above the level of higher self and higher consciousness into a newly discovered super-conscious level.

Although all the characteristics and abilities of this extremely high level of trance are still being discovered, there is no doubt that it is a new exciting level of high hypnosis that could lead to major new breakthroughs.

Have you been searching for a solution to your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues?

Have you gone to doctors, alternative healers, herbalists, body-workers, psychotherapists etc. in search of an answer?

If we are truly Spiritual Beings having a human experience, then ALL our answers are within US.

  • What if you could know the outcome of the choices that you make today in 5, 10 or 20 years?
  • How would it your change your life?
  • What if you knew where and when you will meet your Soul Mate and find lasting Love?
  • What if you could avoid marrying the wrong person?
  • What if you could choose your own Destiny and speed up future success?
  • How would your life unfold if you could discover future trends in the workplace?
  • What if you could talk to your future self and tap into your own future wisdom?
  • What if you could avoid making disastrous career decisions?
  • What would happen if you could look ahead at economic trends and avoid investing in products or markets that will become obsolete?
  • What if you could connect with your soul and discover your true essence, your soul’s purpose?
  • Our futures are NOT “set in stone”. We can change our destinies.

Future Life Progressions using the Ultra-Height method can help you make the best possible choices today for a much happier tomorrow.

In the Ultra-Height state, you will be able to access alternate future timelines and then select the most beneficial option for you.

What is Spiritual / Trans-personal Hypnosis?
  • Have you ever felt there is more to life than what you are experiencing?
  • Have you often felt drawn to particular people/ hobbies/ places and wondered why?
  • Do you want to feel like your life is on track and experience more vitality and motivation?
  • Would you like to make it easier for you to live your soul’s purpose?
  • Would you like to know what your life is about so you can live it to the fullest?

Spiritual Hypnosis assists us to tap into the wisdom within us.

It is about accessing information about our self, which is known on a soul level.

In this deep state of hypnosis information about why you are here, what your purpose is for living this life, why you chose the body you have, etc. can be accessed.

It works on the belief that there is an eternal self (your soul) which has had many incarnations before this one.

There are many benefits of spiritual hypnosis. Here are just a few of them.
  • Increased self-understanding
  • Explore your connection to Past Lives.
  • Understand your present-day relationships as they relate to the past past
  • life experiences. Transform dysfunctional relationships into loving ones or provide a peaceful resolution.
  • Understand and heal the past-life roots of present-day illnesses or conditions.
  • You can come to an understanding of your life’s true purpose.
  • You can remove blocks to freedom, success, and happiness.
  • You can contact your primary spirit guide and learn their name.
  • You can contact deceased loved ones.
  • You can connect with a spiritual power group of Masters and Teachers.
  • With these Guides, ancestors, Masters, and Teachers you can safely explore your past, present, and even the future.
  • You can receive real, practical answers to issues that may have bothered you for years.
  • You can bring out hidden talents and healing abilities you didn’t know you had.
  • You can gain an understanding of your life’s purpose and your place in the universe.
  • You can remove whatever is blocking your freedom, success, and happiness.

The average number of Ultra-Height sessions needed is between 1 and 6, rarely, a client may need more than 6 sessions.

Skype Sessions

Can distance hypnosis be effective when done by Skype? Yes, and with ease.

Ask anyone who has experienced it and they will tell you trance was deep, the suggestions really “stuck”, and it was convenient, relaxing and fun.

In person therapy sessions with a trained hypnotist are not necessary; only listening and concentrating is.

You will need; One or two hours of uninterrupted time, a recliner or comfortable chair. I also strongly recommend that you use a computer headset.

How do I pay? I use EFT (I can email you the details). Please note that Pre-payment for all sessions is required.

Should I buy a package of sessions? It’s best to pay for each separately since I cannot know in advance how long the treatment will take for your particular case.

How long does a session take? About 1 to 1.5 hours (though the first session might take longer to get acquainted).

How many sessions will I need? Every client is different. Hypnosis for spiritual exploration can go on for a lifetime. With Ultra Height hypnosis typically 1 to 6 sessions is needed.

Is there anything negative about Skype sessions compared to one on one office sessions? No. However, some people prefer to meet me face to face. You can email me to set up an appointment.

Can you give me some quick tips on my first session? Be sure to complete the intake form, and whether you’re under the care of a doctor.

Visit the bathroom before your hypnosis session. Wear comfortable clothes. Leave your arms or legs uncrossed while entering a trance to reach the right depth more quickly.

Make sure you intend to follow instructions. Understand that you may need several sessions for lasting results for some issues.

Are there risks or bad side effects? No. It’s safe, natural, and you’ll lose nothing but your problems.

Is it entertainment? No. I offer the highest-quality, professional therapeutic hypnosis. It will be relaxing and totally about you getting your goals met.

Skype sessions will be kept ethical with high moral standards or they will be terminated immediately.

How do I schedule this? Email me to discover whether or not this will be a suitable avenue for you. I’ll send you an email intake form, and we’ll go from there. I am in this profession to help.

Are results guaranteed? Unfortunately, no. Results will vary. You are paying for my time, expertise and knowledge.

Before your Skype session, please visit the bathroom, sit in a comfortable chair and tell family members that you do not want to be disturbed for at least 1.5 hours. I also highly recommend that you use a headset.

I look forward to facilitating your spiritual journey. Please email me if you need more information.

It will always be my goal to provide you with the utmost in client-centered, compassionate and responsible hypnosis sessions– from initial contact to a successful outcome with great results!

N.B. I reserve the right to refuse service to any prospective or current client without explanation. Posted fees and agreements are subject to change at any time.