Love story

Love story

This Past life experience, helped her to let go of the hurt and pain not only caused by the guy she was involved with but everyone else that had caused her pain in the past. Letting go is never easy but it is liberating 💙

Past Life Regression
December 18, 2014 ·
Love story

A client, who we will name Penny, came to see me about a relationship she was in.

Penny was involved with a married man for about 10 years on and off. They both found it hard to break the tie between them. They first met at a party that Penny was invited to by a very good friend. When he approached her, she instinctively knew they could not be together in this lifetime. It was just a feeling she had, but the minute she saw him she knew they would be together. The feeling was mutual. Until he bumped into her, she was unaware that he had been watching her the whole evening.

He then pursued her for the rest of the evening. When Penny asked her friend who he was, she told her that he was married. As it went against everything she believed in, Penny did not want to get involved with a married man. The man got hold of her phone number and called her constantly for two weeks. She eventually agreed to meet up with him, and that was how the relationship started.

Penny went into a past life where she lived in Russia. She and this man were happily married and very much in love. In fact, he was her soul mate. The couple were extremely wealthy and lived in a beautiful home with their two children – a boy and a girl.

Her husband was a high-ranking officer in the KGB. Their life was content, comfortable and filled with love. Then, during our session, Penny just started to float in whiteness. I brought her back down into that past life. She then saw herself and her husband sitting in the lounge. He was telling her that he had to go away for work. Penny was not happy about it and begged him not to go.

I then moved her a little forward in time. Now she was standing at a graveside. Her husband had been killed in action. Penny was now sobbing uncontrollably. She said it felt like a part of her had died.

She spent the rest of her life with her children and grandchildren and never remarried. Penny was surrounded by her family when she died. Although she had missed her husband terribly, she felt that her life had been good; filled with love from her children. (Penny also recognized the daughter from that life in her current life). When she passed over, her husband was there to meet her. Penny started to cry, saying it was difficult to explain how she felt. No words could describe the love and warmth that surrounded her.

We then went up to meet her Spirit Guide to review that life. Penny’s then-husband went with her. They both found themselves in front of the Council with the Spirit Guide standing next to them.

The Council explained that the reason he had come into her current life was to show her love and that she is worthy of love. Penny had been shut down emotionally for most of her life, and especially after her divorce – which she had found very painful. Penny’s way of dealing with her pain was to shut down and become a control freak. She never allowed anyone to see her cry or show any emotions.

The Council told Penny that he had come to show her how to live and to love. He had broken down all her barriers. She now actually noticed how bright the world was for the first time. Even the flowers seemed more vibrant. He taught her that it was okay to be vulnerable and allow her emotions to show. The Council then explained that he was only meant to come into the current life for a short time as he had other lessons to learn. This is why Penny had the feeling that they would not be together in this lifetime, even though the bond between them was so strong. The Council told them that as they are part of the same Soul Group, it was agreed that he would come into Penny’s current life to help her love herself and to accept that she is loveable and to allow other people into her life. Also that she should be open and respectful to other people.

Penny then went to the healing time before returning to present time.

Discussing the past life with Penny afterward, she was feeling very light and relieved. She felt that with her new insights and the understanding of her relationship with the married man, she is now able to let go of him.

A few days later she told me that she met up with the married man and explained to him what she had experienced during her past life regression. Even though he will always be a part of her heart, they are now both able to move on.

Penny told me the strange thing was that he had lived in the same town and went to the same school as her when she was a teenager. Also that they lived in the same town when she moved. Yet they had never met before that fateful evening. He was sent into her life when Penny was going through the trauma of her divorce.

Penny reported back that she has now happily moved on. She has found contentment and love, lives life to the fullest and is grateful for what the married man brought into her life and showing her she is worthy of love

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