Reincarnation Books – Regression Therapy

Books by Association members on Regression Therapy.

Healing the Eternal Soul – Andy Tomlinson

A practical manual that covers the theory and techniques that can help to heal the soul using regression therapy. It is Illustrated with numerous moving case studies and will interest both the therapist and the general reader alike.

Healing Deep Hurt Within – Dr Peter Mack

The book narrates how a medical doctor guides a hospital patient through an intense healing journey from the abyss of despair to the freedom from disabling symptoms using regression therapy. Intertwined with the story are insights into the healing techniques, reflections on the therapy and the profound learning gained from a life-changing journey.

Inner Healing Journey – (ed) Dr. Peter Mack

The stories of six medical doctors prepared to embrace regression therapy when traditional medicine did not work. Eleven patients were taken to the source of their problem in past lives and experience an amazing transformation. It brings new hope to the public and inspires other medical professionals.

Life Changing Moments in Inner Healing – Dr. Peter Mack

This describes how a medical doctor explored and transformed the past lives of four of his patients to assist in their rapid healing. It is written for the general reader and will also be of interest to medical professionals.