Clearing a Curse

Clearing a Curse

Clearing a Curse
My intention was set to deal with my Financial issues
I asked the questioned why do I always have to struggle financially? This was causing me to spiral into a deep depression and a fear of losing everything. This fear would last for months at a time and i found it difficult to come out of it of the black hole.

I went into a past life where I was born into a 18th century noble family. I was a young women and spoilt by my mother she always provided me with all I desired but she was also very strict. We went to a lot of tea parties, dinners, operas. I had many suitors but none of them interested me. I had a good and happy life then things changed.
Then I met a man that was below my class and fell madly in love. We kept it a secret because I knew my mother would be furious and would forbid me from see him. Our relationship just grew stronger and we wanted to be together. Unfortunately, my mother caught us together and tried to stop me from seeing him. So we decided to run away but we were caught by my mother. I will never forget how she stood on the top of the stairs in a a wicket rage when she cursed me and told me I will always live in poverty and will always struggle, she also disinherited me. I never saw her again in that life time.

The rest of that life was hard I had to help my husband work the lands and take care of our 2 children but we were happy even though we didn’t have much. I realise how superficial my life had been going to dinners and opera’s. Even though it was hard with my new family it was much more fulling. I passed away from illness at a relatively young age.
After experiencing that past life I went to a special place, to a review my it with my Guide.

The lesson I learnt was that even though I didn’t have much I had love from my family and the love of my husband. I then met up with my mother in the spiritual realms and asked for forgiveness for hurting her it was not my intention but she was still so angry and said that the curse will follow me throughout my life times. I forgave her and surrounded her in a pink bubble of light and let her go to continue her journey. My guide help me to lift the curse as it was no longer revelvant in future lives as I now had the understanding and awareness.

This past life experience gave me a better understanding and awareness of the reasons why I always struggled financially and a shift happened very soon after the experience. I first noticed that I didn’t react the same way regarding my finances . Since then I have not experienced that unrealistic fear and depression (the black hole) about money and losing everything. I always have sufficient income and now even manage to have savings . My life has changed for the better I live more fullfilled and meaningful life than ever before without fears of financial burdens. I also have more trust in the Universe to provide the abundance that I deserve. I would also like to thank my therapist for her professionalism, patience and kindness, for creating a safe space to realise my fears. It’s been a number of years since the session and my life is abundantly full.

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Belinda Muller née Watkins