Hold your breath, it’s Bizzare ๐Ÿ˜†

Hold your breath, it’s Bizzare ๐Ÿ˜†

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December 22, 2017 ยท
Sharing a case study!! #Pastliferegression!

Hold your breath, it’s Bizzare ๐Ÿ˜†!

A very beautiful, young lady approached me for an issue related to ” Not having a partner”.

Even as a therapist, it was hard to believe that she had no partner. She was extremely beautiful, very well educated, working in a high paying job where all colleagues were men. Well traveled and as I did the consultation, it felt she was well balanced ( she perhaps would fall into the category of ” hard to resist” type – if at all we can categorize anyone).

What caught my attention was her patterns with her partners or men who even met her in arranged setups and something similar running as a pattern with her #mother.

To cut the story short, during the session, she moved back to a time whereas a white witch ( healer of those ancient times in England), she had taken an oath of helping everyone at the cost of herself.

The ” Oath” had caused her to encounter many Souls with similar agenda of ” My pleasure at the cost of everyone “.

Two such souls happened to be in her present life, her Mother & her Ex-lover.

The Mother who in a past life was a Dark Magician, had started to feed on her energy and in each reincarnation, came back to offer the womb as an exchange of freedom ( as a result of my client always felt stuck, usually energies who feed on others are obsessive energies, causing her to choose only partners who would make her feel more and more stuck).

Once all therapy work was done, she could finally reclaim her own awareness and call back her energies.

It was a long and tiring session for both of us, many layers unfolded ( which I can’t put into words here) and in LBL, she could sense/ know that she had had over thousands of lifetimes of lonely lives where she was stuck in similar patterns of coming to the same soul as her mother and similar obsessive souls as her partner. As a result, every time she would meet a man, she would get scared of a repeat pattern.

I wish her a beautiful, expansive, equal and harmonious partnership. Waiting for the wedding bells and my invitation card now!!

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