Past Lives Videos

Soul Journey Part 1

This video is about past life regression. The evidence that we have a soul that has reincarnated into other lives is discussed by International trainer Andy Tomlinson. It includes a short recording of a past life death experience.

Soul Journey Part 2

The spiritual view of ill health is discussed by Andy Tomlinson. A short recording is shown of past life body memories being transformed with body therapy.

Soul Journey Part 3

What happens to the soul between lives is discussed by Andy Tomlinson. This is based on using very deep hypnosis to allow soul memories to surface. A recording of a life between lives spiritual regression is shown.

Soul Journey Part 4

The discarnate consciousness of souls seem to attach themselves to people. This is discussed and a recording of a spirit releasement is shown.

Regression Therapy

A longer video from many of the international pioneers in regression therapy who explain why they think this is a powerful therapy.